Thursday, 13 November 2008



Today Gordon and I went out on a quick treasure hunt, for about 1hr this afternoon. After yesterday we decided to push into the prophetic and take some steps of faith to see what Jesus would do! So, we prayed for a few minutes and then wrote down a few things, 3 names, a couple of colours and other items.

Then we went off down to the Delce area.......................Gordon approached a man of about 50-60 at the bus stop who had crutches and asked if he had a bad left knee (Gordon had burning in his knee yesterday evening and so went with it still today!), the man was open and discussed that it was both legs, particularly his feet, the left leg was the worst. We said that we were doing a sort of treasure hunt and although it sounds wierd, we felt that God wanted to encourage and touch him. He was fine with it and asked what church we were from. We explained that we were from an evangelical, Charismatic church and that we would be praying for Jesus to come and heal him.

This was the really amazing bit..................... we then asked him what his name was, and he said it was 'Brian'. Out of the whole list we only had 3 names, 2 of which were women's names and only one was a man's name What name do you think that was? Yes that's right, it was 'Brian'!
We nearly fell off the pavement as we showed him the bit of paper with his name already written on it! He then said 'I've always thought that there is more to the world than what we see'. We prayed for him, he let us lay our hands on his leg as we commanded healing etc... Then his bus came and so we only managed to give him an MFC card and asked him to let us know if there was any improvement. We left the bus stop encouraged and asking one another 'did that really just happen?' and thinking how bizarre it was that the first person we approached took the only man's name on the bit of paper. We thanked God for the small beginnings and then carried on.

We had another conversation with someone, but didn't have any more. We were walking around praying for a while. When we got back to the Jasper we felt like we had only just started, encouraged, even though it was just one person, it felt good to be out there, just simply with nothing to offer but Jesus and a few tracts in the pocket! It felt like we had somehow pushed the door open a crack! We plan to continue going out more regularly and I will read the book!

Anyway, thought you might like to hear.