Saturday, 24 October 2009

Roadshow at 7oaks

This morning we met at The Town Church in Sevenoaks for our 2nd Kent Treasure Hunt Roadshow.

We had teams from Oxted, NKCC, MFC and also a team from The River Centre in Tonbridge - There was approx 40+ people in attendance representing a varying degree of ages and backgrounds.

We had a great time of worship and wrote down our clues during this time.

We then split up into our teams and headed out into Sevenoaks to find and bless God's treasure.

Watch this space for testimonies....

Happy hunting!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Another great morning! - MFC

Hello hunters!

Laura, Michelle (1st timer) & Jon (2nd timer) and I went out this morning.

We headed off to Rochester and here are the highlights of Gods leading...

A guy sitting on a bench opposite a PHONE BOX, he had a BEARD, WALKING STICK, GLASSES and a WOOLly hat.

He told us he had CANCER and was open to us praying for him, we shared the Gospel with him and encouraged him that God had led us to him to comfort him and let him know He's there.

It was amazing that afterwards Laura pointed out that there was a shop to his left called the Deaf Cat - I had the clue HEARING PROBLEM and Laura had CAT - God has an amazing sense of humour!!!


A man near Rochester Castle, with a STICK, 2 of us had his NAME as the clue and we also had his sons NAME. He told us his son is ill and that he is was also LONELY due to recent relationship break up. We had a great time of conversation, encouragement and prayer (the man was already a Christian) before heading off home!

We are coming into a season of increased expectancy and also a much higher hit rate with clues (particularly names), but most importantly God is being revealed to people, which is what it's all about - Glory glory, glory to the Lord God Almighty!


Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church