Saturday, 29 August 2009

Encouraging Breakthrough - MFC

Hello hunters!

Today we went out on a hunt with a team of 5 people, Andrew, Laura, Helena, Collete (on her 1st hunt) and myself.

We came into the presence of God and got our clues - Even as we were sharing our Locations, Names, Appearance, Needs & Unusuals it was apparent that something great was going to happen as we had so many similarities!

We headed off to the TESCO in Chatham. On the way there we saw a man carrying a BIG POLE and as soon as we pulled into the car park we noticed there was a GREEN FROG in the car in front. I approached the man and his partner (she had PURPLE HAIR and we spoke with them). It transpired that his RABBIT had died 2 days ago! - They were very open but didn't want prayer so we blessed them and moved on.

We split into 2 teams - Helena & myself in one and Andrew, Laura & Collete in another.

Here is what happened with our team:

  • Approached a man WITH GLASSES who was sitting on a BENCH that was near a big ornamental CIRCLE and was also UNDER A TREE. His partner is in need of a new job (FINANCES) as they are looking into buying their 1st place together. We said we would pray for them!
  • As we walked down BUSY HIGH STREET in Chatham we saw a man sitting on a BENCH his daughter had BRIGHT YELLOW gloves on and he had STUBBLE AND A TATTOO ON NECK. It was amazing to see so many clues come together but he insisted that he was fine and had no need for prayer at the moment. I thanked him for his time and moved on.

Here is what happened with Andrew, Laura & Collete:

  • They approached 2 ladies in a bus stop after noticing that one had marks on her arm that looked like she had been SELF HARMING. They spoke with the 2 ladies for about an hour, discovering stories of terrible abuse, broken families, addictions and many other problems. They had 4 Names that were all on the treasure map, they also had many other clues that indicated that God was pointing this lady out. That He knows her and her situation. Andrew was praying for Laura and Collete as they brought this lady into the Kingdom - She gave her life to Jesus!!! - AMAZING!!! It was so humbling to meet with them in the bus stop as we returned to our car and see and hear what had been happening during their time together. God truly is sovereign and moving in amazing ways. We have given the lady our details and just hope and pray that she will keep in touch with us and walk into a full relationship with Christ leaving behind her troubles and demons from the past.

Today for me personally was the most encouraging time I have had out on the streets. Our team is steadily growing and we seem to be becoming more proficient and accurate in receiving and handling the clues that God gives us through His Holy Spirit. To see someone come into an understanding and acceptance of Christ in their life is a beautiful thing - Praise God.

Happy Hunting!

Gordon Watson - Medway Family Church :-)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

God is amazing! - MFC

Hello Hunters!

Embarked on another hunt this morning with Helena & Andrew.

Here's a quick overview of what happened...
  • We went to ROCHESTER and parked near the bridge so we could be by the RIVERSIDE - Walked along towards the apartments that look like a TOWER by a WOODEN FENCE.
  • Led to an ASIAN MAN in the park, Helena & Andrew spoke with him, he was a new Christian and had a very lengthy conversation about his life and new found faith - Hugely encouraging (in fact this man has since visited our church!).
  • I approached 2 ladies who were from out of town visiting the Cathedral for the morning - One lady asked gladly for prayer as she recently lost her job and was looking for her soul mate!
  • Met a man in Chatham, again by the RIVERSIDE - He was wearing a CHECKERED SHIRT & SHORTS - He had recently lost a family member to illness and was despondent about a prolonged series of problems in his family with finances and health - He has no faith in God - Was surprised he was open to us praying for him there and then - Was great to be able to speak truth and hope into his circumstances. One of the words I had from God was JOY, and I felt it was for this man and his family - God is good.
  • Met a man for the 2nd time (God had led us to him on a previous treasure hunt!) - Had a pleasant chat about his ongoing circumstances and his need for work - Offered to keep upholding him in prayer - Very encouraging!
  • Met another ASIAN MAN - Again this man was also a local Christian, attending a local church and was a brief encouragement to him that God was moving!

All in all we had a great time, we were led to and spoke with several people, shared the love of God and felt like we were being faithful with the opportunities that were presented.

God has started a good work in Medway and will see it through to completion, of that I'm sure!

I can't wait for next week now - Bring it on!

Happy Hunting! :-)

Gordon Watson - Medway Family Church