Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hunt at MFC

Hello Hunters,

We went on a hunt last Saturday and had a great time. God really spoke to us clearly about a few people and situations and it was a pleasure to pray for a few people too!

We got our clues and headed off to Strood. Adam had the clue BIG WHEEL so we were bowled over when we saw one opposite the train station in a travellers compund. We also had the clue GARAGE and again were bowled over as we pulled over right outside Watsons GARAGE (Watson is my surname!).

Adam & Bola met a lady right near the BIG WHEEL and opened a conversation. They prophesied over her and encouraged her - It was a real God encounter.

Natalie, Colette and myself were near the SHOPS in Strood, outside SPORTS SHOP. There was an elderly lady walking with her disabled daughter, she was struggling to walk with 2 walking sticks, we had 2 clues about opposite knees. We approached her but she said her neck was bad. We prayed for her, she saw a small improvement, then we all prayed for her again and she said it felt better...

We met a few other people. Adam met a man ALL IN YELLOW (wearing Hi-Vis gear) but he couldn't stop to talk. We found many other clues and had a few other conversations but nothing of real note.

Anyway back to our lady with the sticks... She asked how much we charged! We obviously said £10 a prayer - haha - No really we obviously said it's all free, that Jesus loves her and doesn't charge! She asked us for a card and we blessed her and left her there outside the shops.

Anyway on the following Monday I went into the town centre and as I was parking my car I saw this little old ladies daughter walking right next to my car. I couldn't pass up this God appointment so I jumped out of the car and got talking to the daughter. I walked with her to the shops (about 10 min walk). We spoke about God and I asked her about her disability.

I let her know that God loves her and values her, then I asked after her mum and her neck - She started telling me I was a genie! I said "genie?" She said "No - a Genius!" - She then went onto say her mum had been pain free in her neck since our prayers. I explained it wasn't us but that the power came from God in heaven. That Jesus had healed her and he loves her - It was quite remarkable really!

And that was that, I left her outside the same shops we had met at on the Saturday and just pray that God will really get a hold of that family!

Be encouraged - Happy Hunting!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hunt in Oxted - Kings Church

Hello Hunters!

Here is a selection of testimonies for your encouragement from a Treasure Hunt in Oxted on Saturday, 13th March.

1. James

Eddie, Ray and I had three location clues between us - spice (which we took to mean an Indian or similar restaurant), station and flower beds - which took us eventually to the area between the Cinnamon Lounge and the pub opposite, near the station and bordered by raised flower beds. We had previously tried some other locations along the High St with a few contacts but no obvious treasure.

We felt it was right to stay in that area and trust God to bring the treasure past us. Again, several contacts but no definite hits. After a while Eddie started talking to one of the people who came out of the pub for a cigarette. He was a young man who was amazed to find that Eddie had his name, James, written down as a name clue. He also felt that Eddie's reference to someone with a heavy burden applied to him. Eddie said afterwards that he'd started talking to James as he felt prompted to do so, having caught his eye a few times (this was following a word that Dale had passed on to the TH team earlier in the week, about following the Holy Spirit's prompting). Ray and I joined them and James explained that he felt very much as though his life was empty, despite being outwardly successful at work and in his wider life (though he'd broken up with his girlfriend a little time ago). We gave him some testimonies - including Eddie's and Ray's - and encouraged him to see God's hand upon him that day, to find abundant new life in Jesus. He said he was really interested to talk more and this was what he needed to hear, and if we could wait he would go inside and finish his breakfast (!) and come out again. We agreed and he duly came back a few minutes later, ready to carry on. We talked more and asked if we could pray for him to feel his Father's love in a new way from that day on, with which he was happy - so we did. We gave him the church contact details and the "Knowing God" leaflet and he agreed to come to church at the first opportunity, this coming Sunday (he lives in Oxted but couldn't come yesterday because of his pub manager work in East Grinstead). We advised him to expect obstacles to that coming up during the week, but he seemed determined to be there next Sunday. It will be great if we can pray him into (a) King's church next week and (b) the Kingdom! We left on very good terms, having told him that it really blessed and encouraged us to talk to him too and we looked forwards to seeing him again, at church.

We all felt greatly encouraged by that encounter. Often we've said that there seems a natural time limit even to a good conversation, but in this case we each felt that he was ready to drink in everything we were telling him about God, and that from his face he seemed very open and ready to move forwards. As a team we had a word as we set out that chains would be broken and we prayed afterwards for James that that would apply in his life, shown by his coming to church and getting saved.

2. Brian

He was a man with a walking stick near the station, who said he didn't think God could help with his "hole in his spine" but we said we'd pray anyway

3. Brazilian family Eddie knew who were reluctant to commit to coming to church but the husband Nelson asked us to pray for their financial/business situation.

4. Alison- her father had died a couple of years ago and her mum lives 400 miles away. Her mother, Kathleen, can be lonely and so we prayed for Kathleen, and also for Alison and her family. She was very open and it was a very positive first encounter of the morning.

5. Caroline- her husband has just got the job as deputy head of a local secondary school and she is looking for a lively Church for her and the family. Pippa gave her the King's Church card.

6. Janice- she is recovering from a hip replacement and asked that we pray later rather than on the street.

7. Harvey- he is a Christian but doesn't go to a Church. Charleigh told him about youth and has invited him along.

9. Emily- looking for a job. Told her about job club and gave her the information about it.

10. Shann - with her mother and brother, had a sprained ankle, was about a 7or8 on pain scale, we prayed for it and she said it was feeling a bit better.

11. Dawn- Had shoulder and neck pain, we prayed for her and chatted to her, she was very open about things such as her beliefs. Said her shoulder/neck was feeling a bit better, and would have had more prayer but she had to go and meet a friend.

12. We were outside Oxted Electrical, and saw a woman with a blue top and red scarf. She said that she was a German Catholic and a Scientologist… one of our clues was confused and this could refer to her spiritual state! She had a bad hip and so we offered to pray for her and ask Jesus to heal her. We laid hands on her and prayed and she said that the pain had gone down and the hip felt better. We also prayed for a young lad who was with her who had a broken arm. We gave them both tracks about the gospel and asked them to take some time to read about Jesus.

Happy Hunting!

Dale Barlow

Kings Church Oxted