Saturday, 27 June 2009

MFC Treasure Hunt

We met up this morning at MFC for what was my 3rd treasure hunt this week! - There was Natalie (my wife), Helena, Damian, Andrew, and myself.

After an amazing time of coming into Gods presence we decided to split into 2 teams. I went with Natalie (it was her first ever treasure hunt!) and the other 3 guys made up a team.

Natalie and myself headed off to the Esplanade in Rochester - Below are 3 highlights of our time on the streets.

The 1st person we met was on crutches. He was next to a LAMPPOST next to the RIVER. I asked him if his ailment was from a BIKE INJURY but he said it wasn't. He had a HIP PROBLEM!!! He had a hip replacement at Medway Hospital but his body had rejected the implant and that's why he was on crutches. Natalie and I prayed for peace and joy to come upon him, for healing and for the pain and discomfort to go in Jesus name - There was no immediate sign of improvement but we left him knowing that it had been a Divine appointment.

The second person was a man sitting on a bench reading in the grounds of Rochester CASTLE. He was wearing a BLUE SHIRT and also BROWN SHOES. I approached and explained our treasure hunt. Natalie noticed the book he was reading was 'Conversations With God'. He responded really well to our offer for prayer and asked if we would uphold his friend who is suffering with M.S. and it is getting worse. He asked if we would pray as we went and encouraged us to enjoy our time!

The last main encouragement was as we were bringing our time to a close. We walked down to the steep park by the old church where there are TALL TREES and also a RED BOX (a post box - I also had POST OFFICE) - A lady walked past us and as we turned around after a few minutes there she was again stopped at the post box posting a letter. We both felt she was the one God was leading us to. As we approached her I really felt led to initiate our conversation with the opening line "Do you believe in God?" So I did, and she replied "Of course!" She stood wide eyed as I explained what we were doing and that we felt she was our treasure. She asked us to pray for her elderly friend who has just been diagnosed with kidney cancer - Natalie was really moved by this encounter - It was a real blessing to see how God had us working together towards finding this lady!

Natalie was encouraged and I think will be more confident next time to instigate conversations herself. She had many clues along the way that lead us to specific places which was a huge encouragement to her and to me!
I'm really excited by the new ground we are breaking into. I'm also frustrated at not seeing any immediate healing but God is so good and so faithful. I trust Him with each and every one of the people we have met - We may not be reaping the harvest visibly at the moment but we are certainly sowing seeds and watering existing plants!

Happy Hunting!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Leaders Treasure Hunt @ MFC

Went out with Dave Webster, Ian Lellington & Adam Voke this morning!

We all met at MFC's base, The Jasper Centre in Rochester, talked, worshipped and encountered God before we got our clues.

We headed off for the local CO-OP SHOP where there were RAILINGS, a BMW CAR, a DOG MESS bin - We were in a hot-spot of clues!

2 policemen walked out of the CO-OP SHOP, Dave approached them and we ended up praying for their upcoming final police exams. Their names were Matt & Luke (We asked if they knew a John & Mark!) - They were very open and let us pray for them there and then outside of the shop.

A man with a BLUE TOP walked past us all. He had a HIP PROBLEM and spoke with Dave briefly. His name was Brian and he agreed for us to pray for him, but not there and then. So we trust God with him!

We then drove up to the Delce and walked slowly along the parade of shops. Adam found a couple of his unusual clues in the shop windows - GIRAFFE and FROG! There were also IRON GATES next to the shop.

Dave had the clues CORAL BETTING SHOP and POST OFFICE, so he headed off with Adam in that direction.

Ian & myself had noticed a mobility scooter outside of the chemists shop. We waited around for its owner but after 5 mins decided to head down to the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING. When we turned around there came the mobility scooter with a lady on it, right behind us. I approached her and asked what her ailment was. It turned out to be her right ANKLE! - Her name was Betty, she was full of doubt but she let Ian & me pray for her there by the side of the road. She smiled as she drove off. I was very encouraged by this one, but saw no immediate visible healing!

Adam & Dave had an encounter with an elderly lady. She cried emotionally as they prayed for her about the illness of her grandson, loss of her own child and also other problems. She too had a HIP PROBLEM. She had been REACHING OUT TO GOD about these things and was left hugely encouraged and impacted by this Divine encounter!

Dave also went into the hairdresser to approach a girl with a GREY SLEEVELESS TOP. She was chatty but didn't respond, even after a second attempt when Dave asked if she also had a IPOD WITH EARPHONES. She did, in her bag!!! - You can't force people but you wonder why it is some people choose to miss out on receiving what God has for them, even when he leads people to them!

We then drove to The Strand in Gillingham as we had WATERFRONT, SWIMMING POOL, WALL (it's walled off area), ENCLOSED AREA and RIVER.

As we parked we noticed the car next to us was another BMW! We walked around with one eye on the watch as our time drew to a close. Adam encountered an old friend called Arthur who was in a mobility scooter (problems with his legs and knees). We prayed for healing. Arthur then prayed for Adam. Dave, Ian and myself left them for 5 mins to chat. As we circled back around Adam then had an Indian man hugging him and asking him for prayer. This man is someone Adam also prayed for about a week ago, he doesn't know him personally but he keeps coming across his path - God is amazing!

All in all the last 2 days have been so encouraging. I really feel like we are starting to see breakthrough in areas that before seemed very dry and hard work - God is good!

The next hunt is on Saturday 27th June, there is one at MFC and also one at NKCC - Contact respective leaders for more details.

Happy Hunting!!!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Flowery Dresses & Yellow Cars!

Went out with the NKCC Supernatural School of Ministry this morning.

Dave Webster, Karen, Sisou and myself made up a team and headed off to find our clues.

We went to the CAR PARK to look for a YELLOW CAR, there weren't any there so we went and waited in the BUS STOP and immediately a lady wearing a FLOWERY DRESS walked by. Dave spoke to her briefly but she soon moved on and then a YELLOW CAR came straight into the CAR PARK!!! - I ran up to the car and approached the driver, she said she was in a rush but agreed to speak to me as I followed her. I offered to prayer for her and she asked me to pray for her asthma. Her name is George and she has been near death in intensive care 14 times because of her condition. I prayed for her quickly right there outside of the DOCTORS. She had to rush for her appointment so I asked her to keep Dave @ NKCC informed of any improvement in her condition, but I was amazed at what God had just opened up - He is amazing!

We then headed round to the other CAR PARK and saw a lady with a BEETROOT coloured top over a FLOWERY DRESS. She had a walking stick and was walking her lovely little dog (who I couldn't leave alone!) Her name was Joan (I had the name JO? - can I count that!) and she suffers from scoliosis (curvature of spine) - The team prayed for her, that the pain would go and her back would be healed. There was no immediate change but we blessed her and moved on.

There was another YELLOW CAR (the only one) in this CAR PARK - We loitered around it for a while and then a man walked past with a FRENCH bag over his shoulder (it had French writing and flag on it) - Dave an Sisou spoke to him but he closed up once they mentioned prayer/church and said "Don't go there!" - Obviously there must be some underlying bad experiences - Many people have these preconceptions we must overcome somehow.

The a lady walked past us with another FLOWERY DRESS - Dave spoke to her, her name was Maria. She said she was in a rush but then once he offered prayer she softened up and asked for prayer for her daughter (Debbie) who has had a mastectomy - The lady was visibly touched that we would pray for her!

Then immediately a Dutch lady approached us and said "Are you on a treasure hunt? I've done loads of these, but you're cheating because your asking them for clues!" - This was amazing, and very bizarre! - We explained how our treasure hunts are slightly different to conventional ones. She was another Maria, and it turned out she was the owner of the second YELLOW CAR in the CAR PARK. She didn't want prayer for anything but when she left she looked directly at Karen and said "HAVE FUN" - HAVE FUN was one of Karen's clues!!!

We then moved around to the POST BOX and then to the charity shop that was opposite a GREEN bench, the sign was GREEN and there were FLOWERS in the window as well as another FLOWERY DRESS!! - As we walked n we saw a Bring your BOOKS sign (BOOKS!) - One of the ladies working in there was called BARBARA and we got to pray for her bad back. She noticed an improvement in the levels of pain. Then her friend Pam asked if we could pray for her bad back!!! - She felt a heat on her back as we prayed (as did Dave) - This was a very encouraging encounter. Dave is going to keep contact as they are only a couple of minutes from the NKCC office.

Then as we left a man wearing GREEN SHORTS walked towards us. I stopped him and we noticed he also had SUNGLASSES and a GREY BEARD - He was very friendly but didn't want prayer for anything and was very content, so we blessed him and moved on.

We then walked around the corner and saw another YELLOW CAR with 4 people inside with RED TOPS (we had 2 clues of RED JACKET, so I'm stretching this one!) - They were local painter and decorators, one of them was visibly wearing a cross but they were fine and didn't want prayer, so again they got blessed.

We then finished off by going to the local JET GARAGE and we spoke with the lady behind the counter but she closed up again with the mention of prayer/church.

Today was one of the most effortless and pleasurable hunts I've been on - It was great to see everyone moving in confidence with what they had been given and it was so encouraging, but it still leaves me with a sense of "More Lord, More!!!" - Freedom is a great thing and we're seeing it come more and more as we are faithful with what He gives us, we are dependant on Him alone and His Power being demonstrated!

Happy Hunting!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church