Saturday, 17 April 2010

MFC Treasure Hunt

Hello hunters!

We were only with four of us, two for their first hunt, one for her second hunt, and myself. It is always exciting to go on a treasure hunt with ‘fresh’ hunters and to see God speak through them so I felt quite privileged.

After an amazing time of worship, we asked God for clues. Although not many, we had a few distinct clues and some matching. We went to Rochester, first to the train station, where there were also some roadworks going on. There we saw an Asian man with a beard and dark coat walking purposefully towards Chatham but we were too late to pick up the courage and speak to him. So we asked God that we might meet him again later in the morning. After waiting at the station for a couple of minutes without seeing anyone matching our clues we walked towards Rochester bridge.

Again, here were roadworks going on and we certainly felt we were in the right place. However, we saw no one matching our clues so we moved onto the nearby park where there are trees and bushes. There were also a father and son playing with a ball (cricket) which we felt was another clue for the location. However, again no one matched our other clues. We talked to two ladies on a bench but they didn’t recognise any of our clues and didn’t want prayer so we moved on, back to the bridge.

Then, suddenly Aurelie ran across the road, where a young man with a long black coat and dark clothing was approaching. I catched up with them, and we explained to him about our treasure hunt. He then said that he was Roman Catholic but that he was in a stage of life where he was not sure whether God really exists. Aurelie spoke powerfully truth in his life, encouraging him to be serious about searching God, looking for the truth and also to look for light and not darkness. He then let us pray for him, so we asked God to reveal Himself to this young man.

At the same location near the bridge, we spoke to another man with a beard and dark coat, and his wife, who were visiting Rochester for the weekend. Although friendly, they didn’t want recognise any of the other clues nor wanted prayer so we blessed them. As we were about to go back, we then saw the same Asian man with a beard and dark coat again, crossing the road coming towards us. We were amazed, as he went in the opposite direction when we saw him at the train station earlier on, which is about a mile away. But here he was again, just as we had asked God. So we spoke to him and explained what we were doing. He told us he was a Sikh so didn’t want prayer but we just responded that God loves him.

As we made our way back, we saw another man with a beard and dar coat near roadworks and a green jumper but he was not very responsive to us. We had an opportunity to pray with the lady who sells the Big Issue in the high street though and had a lovely chat with her.

All in all, we had a great time, enjoying the lovely spring weather. All of us felt we had learned again on how to hear from God, how to act (don’t hesitate, opportunities are easily missed!), but also how to receive God’s grace when we don’t act. His love and grace never fails.

Happy hunting!

Helena Posthumus

Medway Family Church