Saturday, 23 January 2010

Roadshow at Oxted - 23/01/2010

Hello Hunters,

Today we had churches from across Kent meeting at Kings Church, Oxted, to bless the people in their town by going out on a treasure hunt.

There were loads of testimonies fed back after the hunt. Needless to say it is amazing just hearing testimony after testimony of how God has given people clear words and descriptions of people and their needs so that we can introduce them to the King of Heaven!

The highlight for me today was going to the SUPERMARKET, where there was a young man walking out of there wearing an ORANGE JACKET. The lady walking with him had HIGH BOOTS on and was also pushing a SHOPPING TROLLEY. I ran over to approach them with Laura from our team and explained what we were doing and the lady said that the young man was autistic. She is his carer, he lives in a home and that his parents were coming to visit him today. I nearly fell over!!! My self and Laura had the words FATHER & MOTHER between us. I explained that I felt that God wanted us to pray for the young man. She introduced us to him and I spoke briefly with him, he kept saying "I'm in charge, I'm in charge!"

We didn't end up praying for him there and then, I asked him a couple of times, but he didn't want us to, just said "I'm in charge!" and it felt wrong to be forceful and push it further. But I came away from this encounter both humbled and stirred.

Humbled because God had led us to this young man, bound up in himself and not fully engaged with his surroundings. And then stirred because as a church we have had prophetic words about us being a healing centre for autism (amongst other mental conditions).
God won't you please accelerate this promise into becoming reality!

My heart felt so compassionate towards that young man, but I was also aware that maybe whatever was saying "I'm in charge!" wanted things to stay just as they were. If I was a disciple I'd have had a pretty good idea what to do!

Move in power Father and help me overcome my unbelief!

Watch this space for further testimonies from today - I'll post them as I receive them...

Happy Hunting!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church