Saturday, 19 June 2010

A Party in Heaven - Hunt @ MFC

Hello Hunters,

This morning we had Laura, Jenny M, Aurelie and myself together to bless the people God revealed to us.

We headed off to BLUEBELL HILL, as we had this clue and also HILL.

In the carpark we spoke to some guys in a 59 plate BMW, but nothing really came from that.

On the way there we were joking that because I had BEREAVEMENT and also a clue about FIRE/SMOKE that perhaps we should pop into the crematorium next to BLUEBELL HILL.

Personally I didn't have faith for that but Laura pressed me with a bit of gentle ribbing so we thought we'd give it a go and really step out in faith!

We parked up, walked around the grounds a bit and then Laura approached a lady who had a BLUE JACKET and DARK HAIR.

At the same time Jenny and Aurelie went after a lady on a MOBILITY SCOOTER, again I bottled it so backed up Laura (I had more faith for that then the scooter lady!).

It turned out our ladies name was JULIE and she was wearing GLASSES. We had a chat with her and her sister, encouraged them and then offered to pray for them - It was great to leave them as they drove off with beaming smiles on their faces - God's always in a good mood!

Meanwhile Jenny and Aurelie had spoken to the MOBILITY SCOOTER lady - Her daughters name was SALLY and they got to speak briefly with her.

They then approached an elderly lady and got talking to her - She had been going to church but wasn't a Christian yet. She basically struggled with not being able to be good enough and feeling completely disqualified to come into Gods presence/family.
Jenny explained that to have a relationship with God depends solely on the effort of Jesus, not on our own works or performance (thats legalism!) and that all she need do was move into the grace and mercy of God, accept Jesus free gift of salvation by repenting (changing her thinking) and offering her life to God - Jenny asked if she understood this, she said she did, so Jenny then gently offered her an opportunity to lead her through a prayer of commitment - The lady responded to the essential gospel and heaven had a party!!! - COME ON!!!

God is so amazingly good and gracious - The way He had already primed this lady for Jenny to come along and invite her into the Kingdom was a real inspirational moment.

But the most humbling thing was the way that Jenny just took it all in her stride and loved the lady like Jesus would without even entertaining the fear of man that could have quite easily prevented her from stepping out into the conversation when the time came to act in faith - Praise God!

I love the way that God moves in spite of me, not because of me - It was such a blessing to see Laura, Jenny & Aurelie just doing what they felt the Father was telling them and giving the angels a good cause to have a knees up - Life don't get much better than this! haha - God you're awesome!!!

Be encouraged - Happy Hunting!

Gordon Watson
Medway Family Church

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