Sunday, 18 July 2010

Team B - Feedback

We went to Chatham this morning, hunting treasure in the highstreet. One of my clues was CRUTCHES, and it didn’t take long when we saw a lady walking on a pair of CRUTCHES. She just went into a shop, so we waited outside till she came out again and then approached her explaining what we were doing. She thought it was all a bit ‘freaky’ but she was quite interested. Her ailment (arthritis) was not on our treasure map, but she let us pray for her. She thanked us sincerely, she seemed to have felt quite honoured by this encounter. Encouraged, we continued and a minute later we saw a man sitting, with a CRUTCH in his hand. I had expected that he would quickly dismiss us, but instead we got into an open and friendly conversation about his life and God. Jenny and Mape gently provoked him to think about God and Jesus, and although he kept saying he dealt with his life in his own way, he also understood what we were saying. We left him in faith that he will remember this encounter and will start to ask himself questions about his beliefs and God.

We continued to the BAKERY, and waited there for a short while but we didn’t see any potential treasure. We continued to BLOCKBUSTERS; for some strange reason I was convinced that this was a clue of one of the others, and they followed me graciously. It turned out later that this had never been a clue on our treasure maps, but we did find treasure... Jenny and I went inside to see if anyone matched our clue, while Mape started chatting with a young mother with BLUE JEANS. She was waiting outside with her children while her husband was inside. When we came out we went through the clues with her. Again, she didn’t find any other clue on our maps that she recognised, but she did say that we could pray for her as she had recently found out that she has brain tumour! So we prayed for her while her husband came back. She said to him ‘Isn’t this amazing, these three ladies just came here looking for someone they could pray for, while I wanted prayer!’ She told us that some of her family were Christians, and others were Muslims, and they were all praying for her healing.

After this amazing encounter, we finally went towards FORT PIT HILL in a hurry as we were running out of time. We had just passed some GATES, and went up into the park when we past a man with BLUE JEANS WALKING DOGS. He didn’t have jeans, but he did wear blue trousers and the dogs convinced us that he was our treasure so we went up to him. He was very friendly and went through our treasure maps. It appeared that he had BACKPAIN and he was quite happy for us to pray for him. He couldn’t feel anything different after our prayer, but he was still very friendly and interested. He also told us that his wife goes to church sometimes, so hopefully this encounter will encourage them both.

We felt quite encouraged; we didn’t find many of our clues, and even went into ‘wrong’ directions, but we did find God’s treasures. We didn’t see any dramatic instant healings or salvations, but the people we approached were really friendly and interested. We went back confident that God had used us to sow seeds into their hearts which He will continue to cultivate.

Helena Posthumus

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