Saturday, 17 July 2010

Treasure Hunt @ MFC

Hello Hunters,

We had 8 people this morning stepping out in faith to share the Kingdom with those that God led them to.

We worshipped, prayed with one another, got our clues and then split into 3 teams:

Team A - Natalie, Laura, Aurelie
Team B - Helena, Mape, Jenny
Team C - Andrew & Gordon

Myself and Andrew approached several people that matched several clues but the highlight was definitely when we approached a young lady because she had a TAN RUCKSACK, she was in the PARK, near the PLAYGROUND - When we spoke to her we asked her name and it was ELLIE!!! - We encouraged her, she went to a local SCHOOL, her parents are Christians, we told her that God knows her and loves her and encouraged her that He wanted a personal relationship with her - She was really moved that God had led us to her - Praise God!

More to follow...

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